Suitable for a lawn of 800m²

Landxcape LX835 Mowing Robot

Suitable for up to 800 m² of lawn

Landxcape LX835 Mowing Robot

  • NEW: Easy adjustment of the mowing schedule through rotary control
  • NEU: Improved movement through 4-wheeled construction
  • Patented mowing technology ensures passing narrow paths easily
  • No programming needed – start mowing by pressing the START button
  • Automatically coming back to the charging station after finishing working
  • Automatic recharging when power is low
  • Forward and reverse rotating blades reduce the replacement of blades by half
  • Lift and tilt safety sensors
  • Bump sensor
  • Rain sensor tells the mower to return back to charging station when raining
  • One knob cutting height adjustment
  • Low noise
  • Side charging lets the mower mow on the grid of the charging base, keeping it tidy
  • Digital display for PIN code setting and programming
  • 3 blade cutting/mulching System


  • 1pc battery pack, 1pc charger​
  • 1pc charging base                ​
  • 9 blades and screws​
  • 180m Boundary wire ​
  • 250 staples ​
  • 1 hex key                         ​
  • 2 measurement gauge​
  • 7 nails for securing the charging station


  • Battery voltage: 20V Max / 2.9 Ah Li-Ion​
  • Cutting width: 18cm​
  • Cutting height: 30-60mm​
  • No load speed: 2800/min​
  • Max. incline: 35% (20°)​

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